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Friday, July 22, 2022

Beware: Charlestown health alerts

Summertime problems

By Will Collette

Charlestown and the rest of South County continue to be under caution from state health officials for unhealthy air and dangerously high heat.

In addition, we have another species of jellyfish in Ninigret - keep a wide berth. Two weeks ago, I wrote THIS ALERT about clinging jellyfish - beautiful but deadly - in Ninigret Pond. Last week, Cynthia Drummond, who covered Charlestown for the Sun for many years, wrote THIS PIECE with more detail in EcoRI.

Today, the state issued a new alert for Atlantic Bay Nettle Jellyfish (photo above) in Ninigret Pond. Though their sting is less lethal than than their cousins, the clingling jellyfish, it still hurts like hell.

The unhealthy, high ozone levels will extend at least through tomorrow and may continue until we get some needed rain on Monday. This frequent summer problem is caused by the combination of high heat and lots of visitors driving here in their cars and trucks.

The high heat advisory also extends into Monday, again with a potential break coming our way via cooling, cleaning rain. Be sure to drink water, stay in the shade, be careful about sunburn and, if you have any respiratory issues, stay indoors. You may want to skip riding your bike on Faith's Folly today unless you have a death wish. So be careful out there.