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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

$2 million in dirty oil money funding Fung campaign

Magaziner calls on Fung to return campaign contributions from billion dollar oil companies  

The Magaziner for Congress campaign called on Allan Fung to denounce the nearly $2 million big oil companies are spending to support his campaign while price gouging working Rhode Islanders at the gas pump.  

“The big oil companies are supporting Allan Fung because they know Fung and the Republicans will do nothing to stop them from overcharging working Rhode Islanders for gas and heating oil,” said Communications Director Patricia Socarras. 

“Rhode Islanders cannot trust that Allan Fung will be looking out for them when his campaign is being funded by the big oil companies. Fung should denounce these contributions immediately.” 

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a dark money Super PAC directed by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, has accepted millions of dollars from Chevron, the American Petroleum Institute, and Occidental Petroleum Institute– some of the same big oil companies that have already made more than $150 billion in profits this year while Rhode Islanders are paying record prices at the gas pump. 

The Republican Congressional Leadership Fund has spent $2 million of big oil money to elect Fung. 

In contrast, Magaziner supports legislation co-sponsored by all current members of the Rhode Island Congressional Delegation, that would crack down on oil company price gouging by requiring big oil companies earning record profits to return some of that money to consumers.  

The proposal is estimated to provide every Rhode Islander between $240 and $375 in annual relief at today’s prices.