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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Larry Valencia referred for prosecution

But is there a double standard?

By Will Collette

Sen. Elaine Morgan did the same thing
The RI Board of Elections has asked the Attorney General to look at prosecuting former Charlestown state Representative Larry Valencia. 

The offense is using funds from the Richmond Democratic Town Committee for personal use. According to the BOE memo below, Larry has admitted the offense.

However, just a few weeks ago, the Board busted Trumplican Senator Elaine Morgan for pretty much the same offense, taking money out of her campaign account for personal use, such as shopping at Aldi, dining and a trip to Florida.

Morgan admitted the offense, as did Larry, but blamed her dead husband who, she said, managed her campaign accounts. The problems with that defense include: (1) ewwww! to throwing her dead husband under the bus and (2) more than half of the campaign fraud occurred before her husband died. 

Also, the BOE only looked at her finances for the current campaign cycle. They did not include prior cycles. It would be surprising if, all of a sudden, Morgan decided to steal rather than simply carrying out past behavior.

As for Larry, I admired him for his exemplary service in the General Assembly and for his values and intelligence. I am just shaken that he would have done this.

Here's the BOE memo on Larry Valencia: