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Sunday, February 19, 2023

“A New War On Cancer,” out this May, tackles cancer-causing chemicals in our everyday lives.

EHS reporter reveals a revolution in cancer prevention in new book

Environmental Health News Staff

Fifty years into the “war on cancer,” we’re better than ever at treating cancer, but one in six people in the U.S. and around the world still die from the disease.

The astonishing news is that up to two-thirds of all cancer cases are linked to preventable environmental causes. If we can stop cancer before it begins, why don’t we?

That was the question that motivated Environmental Health Sciences reporter Kristina Marusic’s revelatory inquiry into cancer prevention.

In searching for answers, she met remarkable doctors, scientists, and advocates who are upending our understanding of cancer and how to fight it by working to rid our lives of the deadly chemicals that trigger the disease.

Marusic’s book, "A New War On Cancer: The Unlikely Heroes Revolutionizing Prevention," is available for pre-order now and will be published by Island Press on May 11, 2023.

"A New War on Cancer" empowers readers to get involved with the growing national movement to prevent cancer by systematically reducing our exposure to cancer-causing chemicals. The story is told through profiles of people leading this work — most of whom never imagined this role for themselves.

One scientist grew up without seeing examples of Indian-American women in the field, yet went on to make shocking discoveries about racial disparities in cancer risk related to cosmetics and personal care products. 

Another leader knew her calling was children’s health, but realized only later in her career that kids can be harmed by invisible pollutants at their daycares. Others uncovered surprising links between cancer and the everyday items that fill our homes and offices.

For these individuals, the fight has become personal. And it certainly is personal for Berry, a young woman whose battle with breast cancer is woven throughout these pages. Might Berry have dodged cancer had she not grown up in Oil City, Pennsylvania, in the shadow of refineries? 

There’s no way to know for sure, but she is certain that, even with the best treatment available, her life was changed irrevocably by her diagnosis. Searching for cures to cancer is vitally important — but the war on cancer can’t be truly won without prevention.

"A New War on Cancer" is a hopeful and inspiring book about the people succeeding in the fight to prevent cancer and create a healthier world for future generations. 

Pre-order "A New War on Cancer" now at Island Press. Use code "War" for 20% off.