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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Very high pollen in Charlestown and a red flag warning too

Don't toss your mask....or a lighted cigarette

By Will Collette

The likely lack of rain for the next several days causes two local effects that those of us on the south coast ought to heed.

One is tree pollen where we should see the rest of the week with levels in the red, nearly at the highest levels (a 12) charted on If you suffer from seasonal allergies as I do, you might want to use your KN95 mask if you spend much time outside. That should filter out the worst of it.

Brush fire danger is also elevated by the dry weather, lots of dried leaves and branches, low humidity and breezes. So please, don't throw lighted butts out your car window (you shouldn't do that anyway). This is not a good time to burn leaves and yard rubbish.

Be sensible and careful out there.