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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bob Watson - Dude!

I know every media outlet in southern New England - and a lot of national media too - are covering the hapless tale of House Republican leader Bob Watson (East, West Greenwich). But I can't resist piling on. Not that I want to revel in the misery of others, unless of course they annoy me.

Watson has been an obnoxious blowhard, insulting and badgering public workers, marriage equality advocates, immigrants and even supporters of medical marijuana and legalized marijuana use. Dude - you are one amazing hypocrite!

So earlier today, he gathered his flock of 10 House Republicans and tells them his story about how he has this medical condition and had a problem with some prescription pain meds so he needed to smoke pot for the pain but he couldn't bring himself to do it legally because somebody might squeal on him. And he had this friend, see, who needed help with a move to Connecticut so Bob jumps in his truck but makes sure to bring his weed because, you never know. So some Connecticut cops pull him over and he really wasn't drinking or smoking but because he's a legislator, they decided to pick on him and bust him. And there weren't any cameras on the cop cars to back up his story, but says trust me, man, they set me up. And he wasn't glassy red-eyed and slurring his words like the police report says because the cops are lying, But it will all work out because he didn't do anything wrong (except of course the illegal possession, including interstate transportation), but justice will prevail because, hey, he's Bob Watson and the law really doesn't apply to him.

I'm not making any of this up. And of course, his colleagues bought it, walking out of the GOP caucus after giving him a unanimous show of support. Which will last until the first bus comes along that they can throw him under.

My favorite Republican legislator, Rep. Doreen Costa who represents the Tea Party and occasionally North Kingstown came out of the room saying of Watson, "We're not friends, we're family and family sticks together.''

NEXT: Watson will get busted by Charlestown police while cultivating weed on some of our boundless open space. He will argue that it's for personal use and he forgot his doctor's note at home.