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Monday, July 13, 2015

Another reason why Texas should secede

Pic via liberty unyielding.Operation “Counter Jade Helm” (CJH) is in full effect. A group of “gravely concerned citizens” have started a movement in preparation of the massive U.S. military drill to enter Texas along with several other southwestern states. 

Despite the limited reach of the training exercise, conservatives are getting so paranoid in states as far north as Oregon and Washington, that they too, are starting to report “suspicious government activity.” 

Even Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert, from Texas, is making statements that are causing citizens to become more distrustful.

“I was rather appalled that the hostile areas (on the map) amazingly have a Republican majority. When the federal government begins, even in practice, games or exercises, to consider any U.S. city or state in ‘hostile’ control and trying to retake it, the message becomes extremely calloused and suspicious.”
The sole purpose of CJH is to “observe the attempted infiltration of our towns,” and is stated as so, on the group’s Facebook page that can be found HERE. The group was started by Pete Lanteri, William Silaghi, and John Spartan

According to their Facebook posts, over 10,000 volunteers are going to be driving around looking for military Humvees/personnel in an attempt to “document” what they are doing. 

Pete claims he doesn’t condone unproven conspiracy theories – like collaborating with China or Russia to come to Texas and seize all the guns (yes – some of its members are volunteering because they believe that). 

One thing is sure though – they all generally distrust President Obama. If George W. Bush were still in power, there would be no need to form their coalition. And, by doing this, they don’t want to leave any room for chance.

The group is asking for volunteers everywhere to report back directly to their Facebook page on their “state/region specific posts” with pictures whenever they see anything suspicious. This is happening already. Every five minutes someone as far as Florida is reporting that the military is definitely planning something fishy.
Pic via Facebook.

Over the last 24 hours, William M. Silaghi has been in charge of moderating the page and professes to delete anyone who trolls Counter Jade Helm Exercises or shares his “public posts.” His cause has gotten significantly more attention after a few of the group’s members gave interviews with the Houston Chronicle.

While CJH’s leaders claim that they will only be “actively monitoring and following” military personnel, this in and of itself is worrisome. Stalking a bunch of armed troops is ill-advised, especially if you are armed with a weapon yourself. This can only lead to someone getting shot. 

Mr. Silaghi acknowledges that this is one of his biggest fears in one of his posts. Others are worried that this “will certainly lead” to Obama taking their guns away if anyone confronts the troops.

Pic via Facebook.While not everyone buys into the notion that martial law will result, a high percentage of its members almost all overwhelmingly agree that something is certainly going down, and it is not pretty. They just can’t say what. That’s where everybody starts postulating different theories.

Eric Johnston, who gave an interview with the Chronicle, is a 51-year old retired firefighter and sheriff’s deputy. You would think he would have some sense in him, and be one of the “less crazy” members. 

He will oversee a group of 20 volunteers himself and fully expects to stalk Navy seals, Army Rangers, etc. when they come into town. While he may not be certifiably insane, this certainly isn’t a smart idea.
If a team member sees two Humvees full of soldiers driving through town, they’re going to follow them. And they’re going to radio back their ultimate location.
Even though Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has already assigned the Texas State Guard to the area, which by itself it crazy enough, thousands of citizens want to get involved as “back up.” This says everything you need to know about right-wingers.

Pic via Facebook.Even conservatives not in Texas are offering to come and “help out” in case Obama does anything “fishy.” The paranoia is spreading to Republicans all around the country, who are starting to see suspicious military activity themselves and wondering if the Jade Helm operation is being expanded as a more massive takeover.

Lanteri claims that “no nut-jobs will be out in the field,” but here is some of the code of conduct users are being asked to follow:
– Use cell phones for communication between units instead of radios to avoid jamming and eavesdropping on your conversations.– Photograph license plates of any civilian vehicles that military personnel are using. Post the photos.– Be aware of blocking agents like “random” police showing up to pull your team over to check IDs or whatever. This is to stall you. That is why you need multiple small teams so backup units can maintain observation of military operations. Again, rotate vehicles and personnel. Keep them guessing.– Use drones for aerial surveillance.
This is definitely overboard. How many average headed people could be expected to join? Half the people there claim they’re rational sentient beings, but then they make the most insane suggestions.

pic via Facebook. The U.S. Special Operations Command tried to qualm irrational fears by sending one of their spokespeople to Bastrop in April, but as you may be able to guess, that didn’t help much. Most people refused to listen to him, and thought he was just another paid Obama shill.

The Army hasn’t specifically addressed questions about this civilian operation, but it noted that:
This training exercise will go mostly unnoticed; not interfere with private citizens and not violate their privacy and rights. It will not disrupt their economies or livelihoods. State and local officials will receive updates as the exercise progresses and they are equally committed to ensuring the training occurs smoothly.
The Jade Helm operation is expected to last for a full two months, and things can only get more interesting from here. This citizens’ watch group is attempting to, in part, be a media watch group, but the press is banned from covering the training exercises. Considering this involves special operations training, that makes sense. 

We wouldn’t want the enemy to have access to classified training materials, would we? But, some of the staunchest supporters of our military, Texas red-blooded conservatives, just don’t see that. 

At least as long as Obama is in the White House. Stay safe out there, ‘MURICA.