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Friday, July 17, 2015

VIDEO: I Want to Believe!

X-Files Re-boot premieres Sunday
By Will Collette

To view directly on YouTube, CLICK HERE.

Yes, I am one of those. I really loved the X-Files and watched every episode until Daniel Patrick took over for David Duchovney. Patrick makes a fine robot (Terminator 2) but I think that anything else is outside his acting range.

Anyway, imagine my excitement when I heard the plans for a six-episode return run for Dana and Mulder on the Fox network starting this Sunday.

Unlike most fans who loved the aliens and conspiracy angles that so typified the original series, I always considered those episodes to be the weakest. Actually, I thought they were pretty overwrought and lame, not worthy of Chris Carter's script-writing talent.

Where Carter excelled, in my minority opinion, was in those episodes that featured monsters, general non-space alien weird stuff and self-deprecating humor.

One of my absolute favorites is War of the Coprophages, but there are several that come very close, such as Arcadia.

Based on the 15 second trailer just released by Fox (above), it seems like this reboot will be more about aliens and conspiracy than cockroaches and monsters, but given the current conspiracy frenzy that has gripped Fox, that would figure.

Nonetheless, I'll be watching. Cuz I Want to Believe!