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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Where are they?

By: Helen Philpot 
The news has just been fast and furious.   ISIS attacks in France, Kuwait and Tunisia.  Donald Trump becoming the new leader of  the Tea Party.  

I wonder what flag that Confederacy of Dunces will fly now that the Stars and Bars is being removed?  Oh and something about a trade bill being passed and God hating America.   That last one seems to be getting the most play over on Fox News.  

Never in my life did I think I would live long enough to see the gays persecuting the Christians instead of the other way around.   That was actually a Fox Exclusive!

I read somewhere that Glenn Beck has 10,000 to 20,000  pastors ready to die before gay marriage would become legal.  

Funny.  I haven’t seen any obituaries printed.  Religious conviction has its limits I guess, but that really is one herd I would love to see thinned.  

Of course if a government is able to show more compassion than your church, maybe you should join another church.

It’s just so odd that all this hatred and discrimination seems to be emanating from a bunch of Republicans who claim to represent Jesus.  Now there is a conundrum. As a Christian politician do you abide by the law of the land and treat others with love and respect or do you follow the teachings of Jesus and treat others with love and respect?  Such a dilemma.

I look forward to the day the Supreme Court rules that a political party can’t have a monopoly on God.  I mean it really.