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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Democratic primary votes are in

Langevin wins. In hot SK House races, Tanzi and Fogarty beat back challengers
By Will Collette

Image result for Jim langevinFor most of the 290 Charlestown Democrats who voted in today's Democratic primary, there was only one race on the ballot - a three-way race for the US House of Representatives seat held by Jim Langevin who was endorsed by the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee.

His challengers were conservative Stephen Archer and, oddly, Charlestown Democratic Town Committee chair John Hamilton. 

Hamilton sought to cash in on his Bernie Bro credentials as a Sanders delegate to the National Democratic Convention. But all that got him was 67 votes in Charlestown and a last place finish districtwide.

Now Hamilton goes back to chairing the town committee that endorsed his primary opponent.

In other races locally....

Image result for teresa tanziDistrict 34 Rep. Teresa Tanzi of Peacedale faced two tough opponents, Ewa Dzwierzynski who was heavily backed by right-wing Republicans (Click here for more) and rival Democrat Rachel Clough.

Teresa won by 51.1% in the only election she will face this year as the Republicans did not get anyone to run against her, unless you count Dzwierzynski.

Image result for Kathy Fogarty RIIn another battle where South Kingstown's rival Democratic factions squared off, District 35 Rep. Kathy Fogarty fought off Spencer Dickenson, winning by 53.1%. Fogarty took the seat from Dickenson and Dickenson took this shot at getting it back.

Fogarty also had Mike Stenhouse's right-wing Republican "no-think" tank attacking her to try to swing the primary to Dickenson.

Bruce K. Waidler, running as an independent, will face Kathy in the November General Election.