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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Stand in solidarity with workers who make marshmallow Peeps®

Not a joke – Peeps® workers fight to save pensions, health care
By Ethan Miller, Jobs with Justice

Last week, 400 people who make marshmallow Peeps® and other iconic candies walked out on strike because the corporation they work for, Just Born Inc., wants to bully them into agreeing to eliminate their hard-earned pension plan and make life-changing cuts to their health care.

Support the employees of Just Born today and sign our petition in solidarity.

The hard-working people in Bethlehem, Pa., who make Peeps® have never gone on strike before.

They’re making a sacrifice for good jobs that sustain their families and those who follow. 

As they take this bold stance against corporate greed, can you have their backs?

Sign the petition and tell the management of Just Born to negotiate a fair contract today!

Since the strike started, thousands of activists like you have taken action to support the men and women who work at Just Born.

The outpouring of solidarity has been incredible, but we still need you to stand with them, so Just Born knows the public is on the employees’ side.

As more of us come together, our call for a fair return on work only grows stronger.