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Friday, September 23, 2016

Trump worries someone at McDonald’s might poison him

Image result for mcdonald's poisoning its customersDonald Trump appeared on the Dr. Oz Show for what was basically a scripted series of softball questions.

He was armed with a doctor’s report from his already suspect doctor, Dr. Harold Bernstein, who months ago made the ridiculous assertion that Trump would be the “healthiest individual ever elected.”

This time, the report was a bit more detailed, but who knows if it’s accurate. It showed his cholesterol and blood pressure as normal.

He also had high hormone levels (I’m sure Trump wanted that included) and for the most part, things are good, according to Trump’s doctor, but he is overweight.

In other words, it was a pretty boring report, except for one tiny little tidbit that was barely mentioned by any media sources. Donald Trump is nuts.

Now, I’m not a psychologist and I’ve never met the man, so that’s why I’ve used the very non-clinical word of “nuts,” but trust me when I say he’s Howard Hughes nuts. He’s Kim Jon-Un nuts. He, like so many dictator wannabes, is paranoid as f*ck!

Trump loves fast food and ironically despises finger food. McDonald’s is his favorite. He loves fast food because “at least you know” what’s in it? Really? What exactly is in a McDonald’s hamburger?

Per an audience member at Dr. Oz taping with Trump, he said he likes fast food because “at least you know what they are putting in it.”— Jesse Rodriguez (@JesseRodriguez) September 14, 2016
He also thinks that his gesticulating at campaign events counts as exercise.

Back to the fast food. He might “know what’s in it,” but he’s really afraid of what people might put in it if they know it’s for him.
Trump admitted to Oz that he does eat a fair amount of fast food when he’s on the road campaigning, and that the person who picks it up is told not to tell the restaurant it is for him because he worries the food may be tampered with.Source: WHIO
Hitler also felt his food would be tampered with. In fact, that seems to be a common theme among dictators. Hitler hired a team of 15 food tasters. If, after 45 minutes, the tasters were still alive, Hitler would eat.

Trump didn’t mention whether he has his staff taste his food but it’s not even unheard of among recent U.S. Presidents. It’s reported that Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush had food tasters.
Fox also tried to make it seem as if Obama does, while there’s no evidence. 

Sarah Palin once suggested that Trump get a food taster; at least we think she did. Maybe that’s Chris Christie’s job.

Maybe Trump isn’t paranoid as much as being realistic.

He’s managed to insult every single demographic in the United States, except for his base of middle aged, poorly educated white men.

There are probably millions of restaurant employees who would love to add just a little something to Trump’s food. Fortunately for him, most just do their jobs.

Author Wendy Gittleson is one of the luckiest people on the planet. She actually gets to make a living out of two of her greatest passions, writing and politics. When she's not writing, she's hiking with her dogs, riding her bike or cooking a great meal with her friends or loved one. Follow Wendy on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.