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Friday, October 21, 2016

Will far-right crazies turn to violence if Trump doesn’t win?

Image result for sarah palin & gunsSarah Palin agrees with Donald Trump that Democrats will somehow cheat to help Hillary Clinton win on Election Day, and her final solution is to kill them.

In a post-debate rant on Facebook, America’s village idiot wrote that Trump is “wise” for refusing to say whether he will accept the election results on November 8th if Hillary Clinton wins.

During the debate, the Republican nominee said everyone will just have to wait and see because he wants to keep America in “suspense.”

His answer was outrageous and unpatriotic because if Trump chooses to reject the results on Election Day and claim that the contest was rigged, he would not only be causing a Constitutional crisis, his supporters have already threatened to attempt a bloody violent coup and an effort to assassinate Clinton.

But Sarah Palin is okay with this.

“Seems silly media sheep are all chomping down on one issue after this debate, at least according to all the reporters who hollered out this same question to me: “What about Trump not accepting the election results?” Palin wrote.
More power to Trump for explaining how vitally important the legitimacy of every election is to our democracy within our Republic.
What reasonable person would preemptively accept any and all hypothetical questions and conditions of any hypothetical election? Trump’s answer was RIGHT.
Every American’s sacred vote MUST be respected and legitimized in today’s elections – but they must be FAIR elections. We’re in the midst of proof of voter fraud and questionable – even violent – participatory elements in campaigns. That’s why state legislators are now cracking down on voter fraud via tighter laws ensuring the security of our elections.
When Trump is pressed on this, it harkens back to all the GOP primary candidates who screamed at Trump to support the Republican nominee – no matter what – and Trump initially responded that he could, depending on fair treatment.
That is WISE and INSIGHTFUL! Trump got screwed in that deal when he eventually pledged to support the nominee and then some of his fellow candidates turned tail and refused to reciprocate when Trump won.
Trump learned – why give opponents permission and incentive to act unfairly and cheat? It’s shortsighted to commit to accepting the outcome of a race REGARDLESS of unscrupulous cheaters. How totally unfair that would be to the American voter!
Except that voter fraud is exceedingly rare in this country despite what Palin and Trump claim. In fact, a comprehensive study found that out of one billion votes cast between 2000 and 2014 only 31 cases of fraud were found.

And then Palin echoed Trump supporters with the following threat.
“Trump gave potential cheaters fair warning that we’ll not give them any quarter,” she wrote. “We’ll hold them accountable. They’d better be on their toes. Cheaters will not win.”
Trump has basically accused minority and Democratic voters of being cheaters, which means Sarah Palin just called for executing anyone that Trump’s poll watching-thugs accuse of cheating on Election Day, and that includes Hillary Clinton and members of the media.

You might point out that Palin didn’t use the words “execute” or “kill,” however, she specifically said that “we’ll not give them any quarter.”

“No quarter is a term that is defined as follows:
In war, a victor gives no quarter (or takes no prisoners) when the victor shows no clemency or mercy and refuses to spare the life of a vanquished opponent in return for their surrender at discretion (unconditional surrender).

So, yes, Sarah Palin is among the Trump supporters who are threatening violent rebellion if the election does not go Trump’s way.