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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Here we go with the e-mails again

Mike Luckovich
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When former President Richard Nixon’s cronies broke into DNC Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in 1972, it was a scandal so monumental and unprecedented that Nixon became the first and only president to resign from the office.

The perpetrators were trying to bug the offices and Nixon attempted to cover up the crime using government resources.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, merely used a personal server to receive and send emails as Secretary of State. While her decision to use a personal server was a bad one, it is hardly a crime and that is what the FBI declared in July when the agency declined to charge her with a crime.

Fast-forward to October and Hillary again finds herself in Republican crosshairs as Donald Trump and his deplorable supporters continue to call for her arrest after the FBI reportedly found three emails related to the email investigation on a device belonging to Anthony Weiner.

As NBC’s Pete Williams reported soon afterward, none of the emails were sent by Clinton or her campaign, nor were these emails hidden by Clinton or her campaign.

In fact, the FBI has only just begun investigating the emails and a conclusion won’t be reached until after the election and all the signs suggest the FBI will find nothing criminal about these emails either.

Yet Donald Trump continues to yammer on to his supporters about how this is an “October surprise” that should derail Hillary’s campaign and that her emails are worse than Watergate.

Yeah, he totally thinks this situation is worse than the biggest political scandal in American history.
But former U.S. Attorney Nick Akerman vehemently disagrees.

Akerman was a prosecutor who worked on the Watergate case, so if anyone can compare a scandal to Watergate he’s the one to ask.

According to a statement provided to Mic, Akerman wrote that FBI Director James Comey acted inappropriately by writing a letter to Congress informing them of the new emails because they haven’t even been reviewed yet, which means Comey didn’t even bother getting all of the facts before giving Republicans something to whine about only ten days before Election Day.

But Akerman saved the real ass-whooping for the Republican nominee and compared him to a past Republican who is just as disgraceful as Nixon.

“Donald Trump’s statement that this is bigger than Watergate is totally absurd,” Akerman wrote. “There is no evidence of any violation of law. For Trump to reach that conclusion based on a total lack of evidence is reminiscent of the innuendo spread by Joseph McCarthy in the early 1950s.”

That sound you just heard is the sound of all the heads of Trump supporters exploding.