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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The clear choice in Senate District 34

Vote “Yes” to positive solutions, “No” to negativity
By Mary Sommer

Image result for cathie cool rumseyToo often in today’s political climate, saying “NO” is the fashionable stance against the establishment and status quo.

But what happens when saying “NO” means voting against positive solutions for your community and its taxpayers?

Voters in District 34 (Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Richmond, West Greenwich) have a clear choice this Election Day between Cathie Cool Rumsey, the voice of “YES” and Elaine Morgan, the voice of “NO” to positive solutions and practical ideas.

When comparing the two candidates, the contrast is striking.

Morgan is a freshmen senator with an unblemished record of voting “no” against initiatives to improve the local economy, such as cutting state income tax on Social Security, public education (NO to budgets that would have increased support for state education in the towns she represents) and the environment.

During her term as State Senator, Cool Rumsey sponsored and enacted such legislation as the “Rhode to Work” action plan to give Rhode Islanders the skills they need in today’s workplace.

I have worked with Cathie Cool Rumsey on issues impacting the town of Exeter, including the recent recall effort, and found her to be a good listener, and a reasonable, thoughtful legislator, with a proven track record of working across the aisles.

She co-chaired the Behavioral Health and Firearms Safety Task Force, which was a great example of how people with different perspectives can come together to reach consensus and create sane, sensible laws.

On November 8, we should put aside the partisan sniping and the refusal to work together to reach common ground and vote for uncommon legislators like Cathie Cool Rumsey.