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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Regunberg responds to questionnaire from National Rifle Association

“Thank you for the F”
By state Representative Aaron Regunberg, candidate for Lieutenant Governor

The NRA sent me a questionnaire.

They’ve already given me an ‘F.’

But I figured I should send in my response anyway, to let them know - we’re coming.

Translation if my handwriting is tough to read:

For too long, you have run things in our State House. We’ve had enough.
You may have the power of big corporate money, but we have something more powerful - the people of Rhode Island.
We’re coming together to ban military style weapons, to limit high-capacity magazines, to get guns out of our schools, and to protect our young people.
And we’re going to win. Thank you for your ‘F’ - I’ll see you out on the campaign trail.”
We know the gun lobby will be working hard against my campaign. 

But we can win with help from grassroots supporters. 

Together we are louder than the lobbyists.