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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Who’s on the ballot for Charlestown Municipal office?

Loaded ballot for the first time in years
By Will Collette
Screen shot from the RI Secretary of State's database

The deadline has now passed for candidates running in local Rhode Island elections in 2018 to turn in the required numbers of resident signatures on their nomination papers.

There will be competitors for every Town Council seat and for Town Moderator. That could mean an end to the Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA Party) dominance of town government.

But Charlestown voters will have to look hard to figure out who is CCA and who is not. For the first time in as long as I can remember, every candidate is “independent,” meaning unaffiliated with any state-recognized political party.

In the coming weeks, we will know more about the specific positions candidates are taking, what issues are being skipped over and where the money comes from backing the CCA Party and the not-CCA cluster of candidates.

I suspect quite a few voters will go to the polls in November with a crib sheet of those candidates they wish to support.