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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Regunberg calls out RI Trumplican Party

Condemns state party’s weak response to Trump riot at the US Capitol

By Aaron Regunberg

Yesterday, so many of us went to bed shaken to our core after watching a violent, right-wing attack against our nation's Capitol.

And this morning, we woke up to read that here in Rhode Island, our state's top Republican leaders have refused to denounce Donald Trump and his GOP allies for actively inciting sedition. 

See the statement from state party Chairwoman Sue Cienki as an example (👈 left). 

Yesterday's attempt to subvert our democracy did not occur by accident. It was knowingly instigated by Trump and countless Republican politicians in the White House, Congress, and state houses around the country.

The rioters who stormed the Capitol
did so at Trump's direction
If they are not held accountable for causing this coup attempt, then they will do it again, and again, until they succeed.

So it is deeply concerning to see Rhode Island's GOP leadership refuse to condemn Trump's incitement of this violence.

Will they denounce Donald Trump and his allies for continuing to incite sedition by refusing to accept the results of this election? Or will they side with fascism over democracy? At a moment like this, there can be no middle ground.

Democracy is fragile. And the forces arrayed against it have never been more brazen. 

The best step we can take in response to yesterday's shocking events is to reaffirm our commitment to the ongoing, critical work of protecting and strengthening our democracy, and to pledge, together, to never give in to those cynical politicians and their followers who would overturn it.

Together, we are strong. Thank you, and stay safe.