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Monday, January 25, 2021

Chariho wants to hear from taxpayers on school construction options

They ask you to fill out a simple, on-line survey

By Will Collette

On January 22, Chariho School Superintendent Gina Picard posted an open invitation to all taxpayers living in the Chariho School District (Charlestown, Richmond and Hopkinton) to advise the district on school construction priorities.

There’s a simple on-line survey form HERE that takes very little time to fill out. You should, however, put in some time to consider your responses before you answer the survey.

Whether or not you have kids in Chariho schools, you should respond since we are all going to pay for whatever choices are made. Cathy and I don’t have kids but we believe that public education is one of the best investments taxpayers can make.

The last four years have shown us the price we pay for ignorance.

Here is Superintendent Picard’s letter:

Dear Chariho Community,

We are seeking your feedback and input in a couple of ways.

First, the Chariho Regional School Committee is looking to receive some high-level feedback on their Necessity for School Construction options. 

On January 12, 2021, the committee discussed three possible options to discuss further with our three town councils and to receive feedback from our families.

Click this link to review the School Committee meeting that reviewed these choices. This portion of the meeting begins at 55:52.

The committee is currently reviewing the following options:

A – Consolidating PK – 5 into One Elementary School

B – Closing Hope Valley School- and updating the other 3 Elementary Schools

C –Keeping current buildings and providing ongoing maintenance and infrastructure needs.

Our school committee would like your feedback on what option you believe would be the best direction for our district to move forward with as we prepare to develop an updated capital improvement plan.

Once the committee determines the best direction based on feedback and data this decision will then be moved to a vote for all our taxpayers to weigh in.

Click here to access our Necessity for school construction survey to ensure we hear your feedback.

SURVEYWORKS Family Survey- Now is the time to share your feedback

Now that the window for SurveyWorks 2021 has opened, here are a few easy steps to complete your family survey! Let's Go Chargers make sure to complete your family survey.

1: Visit

2: Select your school and complete the survey


Gina M Picard