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Monday, March 14, 2011

Class War: Short Takes

Many important stories never make it into the local newspaper or TV News. Not even Fox. So as a public service, here are links to some great pieces you may have missed.

Tom and I have been posting stories on Charlestown’s Class War – the war largely fronted by the Charlestown Citizens Alliance and the RI Statewide Coalition – to block affordable housing, renewable energy and anything the Narragansett Tribe wants to do. Since then, we’ve gotten a number of anonymous posts from people who use charged rhetoric and often bring in issues that have nothing with what we posted. Well, Tom may have found their origin. There’s a company that actually hires “Blog Warriors” to flood progressive blogs with comments in the attempt to drown out the bloggers message. I don’t know how much
Professional Blog Warriors make, but hey, times are tough. So who says Republicans aren’t interested in creating jobs?huge loophole in RI’s corporate tax that permits large, multi-state corporations to hide their profits from state tax.

What’s Rhode Island’s largest cash crop? To be more precise, RI’s largest LEGAL cash crop? Hint: you see it growing when you travel Route 2 just north of town.

The RI Statewide Coalition will be shocked to learn that not all rich Rhode Islanders have fled to Florida (yet). In fact,
RI is still home to two billionaires.

This Rhode Island billionaire won't be a billionaire for long by making these kinds of
bone-headed investment decisions.

A recent
Fidelity Financial survey of American millionaires discovered that 42% of them are unhappy and really need more money to feel secure. .

And finally, an
excellent historical analysis from the UK of how taxes on the American rich have been continually declining at the expense of working families.

Author: Will Collette