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Monday, October 22, 2012

How to pick the right team

A little mnemonic help
By Scott Keeley (a version of this letter ran in the Westerly Sun; printed with permission of the author

As a relative newcomer to idyllic Charlestown, Rhode Island, I was surprised to witness, over the last few years, a town council that has publicly pursued personal vendettas, demonized mere thoughts of wind power or affordable housing, and blithely abused the power of office with special-interest real-estate deals and corrupt vendor contracts.

Are Charlestown voters asleep? Our town may be the picture of idyllic, but it’s not a field of poppies. Let’s wake up, take stock of our town council and planning commission, and choose anew from a fresh slate of seven intelligent Democrats.

Our only challenge is remembering the names of these seven in November. For that, I have a handy mnemonic:

“Get A Better Leadership For Charlestown, Quick!”


Cleary, and