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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October is WTF Month. Really

Click here if you don't believe it.

Now that we've established that October really is WTF month, here are some safety tips from Bob Yarnall....

Lest we forget whilst we tread lightly through the seasonal political jungle, this Saturday, October 20, marks the beginning of the real hunting season, a stark reality that is best dealt with by observing this official State of Rhode Island DEM advisory:

Rhode Island State Management Areas
Daylight Fluorescent Orange Requirement

Is this the secret CCA clubhouse?
“All users (hunters, hikers, bicyclists, horseback
riders, et al) are required to wear 200 square inches
of solid daylight fluorescent orange from the third Saturday
in October to the last day of February and the last Thursday
in April to the last day in May”
While the editors of Progressive Charlestown have been wearing flak jackets since Labor Day to protect themselves from the self-detonating political campaigns of CCA candidates, the rest of the population seeking refuge from the seasonal tsunami of political advertising by trekking through Burlingame, Arcadia, et al, is hereby reminded to don fluorescent orange vests and caps when enjoying the park, especially when circumventing Watchaug Pond via the Vin Gormley Trail.

Rumor has it that the secret CCA Clubhouse is located somewhere along this 9 mile hiking loop.
Keep those cell phone cameras at the ready. You never know!