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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Man Blames Mystery Mechanic for Accident
Many children pin blame on their imaginary friends. One Woonsocket man nearly did the same – blaming a hit-and-run accident on an imaginary mechanic. According to reports, the 27-year-old man had sideswiped a car earlier in the day and left the scene.

When officers confronted the man about the accident, he told them his mechanic named “Miguel” was driving the vehicle earlier in the day and was trying to set him up.  Furthering police’s suspicions, the man was unable to provide Miguel’s last name, address or phone number.

Police noted that the man matched the victim’s description and that he was also sporting a bruise on his right shoulder – which the man was unable to explain. Police arrested the man, who was also found to have been driving on a suspended license.

Romeo’s Rope Act Gone Wrong
Using a rope to climb into your love’s bedroom window may get all the ladies in the movies, but in real life all it gets you is attention from law enforcement. According to reports, Portsmouth police spotted a 22-year-old man walking down the street – with a rope wrapped around his body.

The man allegedly told police he had used the rope to climb into his girlfriend’s window, who thought it was “romantic” for him to use the window instead of the door. After checking the man’s story, police discovered he was wanted on a bench warrant and took him into custody.

Pointy Objects Land SK Man in Handcuffs
One South Kingstown man got in trouble with the law this week due to two naked weapons in his possession. According to police, the 49-year-old man was spotted outside a CVS sitting on a bench with his penis exposed. 

After searching the man, officers allegedly found a Smith and Wesson extreme OPS knife in his backpack – along with a few rags and a bottle of lotion. He was arrested for possession of a weapon other than a firearm and cited for indecent exposure.

Man Spits on Officer, Wets Himself in Cell
Middletown Police encountered a highly intoxicated driver this past week. According to reports, the man was so intoxicated he could barely form sentences. After police read him his rights, the 54-year-old man allegedly spat on an officer and told him, “I have Hepatitis, A, B and C and I hope you get it, too.” Police were unable to photograph or fingerprint the man due to his belligerence. In the cell, the man reportedly urinated on himself.