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Monday, July 29, 2013

Gay Marriage legal in RI starting Thursday

Here’s how to get your license in Charlestown
By Will Collette

In Providence, they’re expecting a bit of a crush so they are recommending that same sex couples act NOW to get a license so they can get hitched later this week without delay when the state’s new law permitting same sex marriage kicks into effect.

In Charlestown, you have to get your license from Town Clerk Amy Weinreich at Town Hall.

According to the Charlestown website, here’s the deal:

[from the official Charlestown website]

Marriage licenses are obtained in the Town where the bride is a resident.  If the bride is from out of state, the license is obtained where the groom is a resident.  If both parties are from out of state, the license is obtained in the town where they are going to be married.

EDITOR’S NOTE: it will be interesting how Amy handles the bride and groom thing for gay couples. I would guess that to get past Amy’s no doubt by-the-book interpretation of the rules, whichever member of the couple lives in Charlestown will probably have to declare as the “bride.” It’d be nice to see these rules get updated.

Click here to download the worksheet. It still includes “civil union” on the form which is no longer applicable.

The cost of a marriage license is $24. There are no blood work requirements in the State of Rhode Island.  The license is valid for 90 days.

The bride and groom must show proof of ID.  This office accepts a valid driver’s license or current passport. We also require a certified copy (not the hospital copy) of the birth certificate.  If this is not the first marriage, we also must see a certified copy of divorce papers or death certificate, whichever applies. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Make sure you follow the rules about the required paperwork to the letter. I have seen businesses go through Hell trying to get a business license from Charlestown when their paperwork wasn’t strictly in order. That is, all except the notorious Copar Quarry, which got a pass from Charlestown on a number of counts.

When the bride and groom come to the Town Clerk’s office, they will be given a worksheet to fill out. Please click to obtain worksheet. Please print as this office will type the actual license from the information given on the worksheet.  Marriage licenses are done Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.