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Friday, January 17, 2014

Update on the final votes at the Town Council

Here are the official results from the Council action on Zoning Board membership
By Will Collette

I received clarification from Town Hall on exactly how the Town Council voted during the chaotic closing of last Monday's Council meeting. Click here for my coverage.

The Council had to decide on how to fill two vacancies on the important Zoning Board of Review (ZBR) and that led to a string of motions, counter-motions and votes over what to do with ZBR applicants, Cliff Vanover of the CCA Party and Kara Scott, what to do about an opening for an open permanent seat, and whether to promote incumbent ZBR members Amanda Magee and Mike Chambers of the CCA Party.

I noted in my coverage that I couldn't be sure exactly what happened and would report back as soon as I had a definitive answer to the question on every Charlestown residents mind: what the hell did they do to the Zoning Board?

Thanks to Town Clerk Amy Weinreich, here is the way the results are being recorded in the draft minutes for that meeting:

Motion made by Mr. Slattery and seconded by Mr. Tremblay that Ms. Magee become the full time fifth member of the Zoning Board with Mr. Chambers as Alternate #1, Mr. Vanover as Alternate #2 and Ms. Scott as Alternate #3.

Motion was made by Mr. Slattery and seconded by Mr. Tremblay to table Mr. Slattery’s motion. Mr. Gentz, Mr. Slattery and Mr. Tremblay approved; Ms. DiBello and Ms. Andersen opposed. The motion carried.

Motion made by Mr. Tremblay and seconded by Mr. Gentz that we remain with the policy that the full five year position be left vacant until July 31st.

ROLL CALL:  Ms. DiBello – no Gentz – yes Slattery – no Tremblay – yes Andersen – no

The motion failed.

Motion made by Mr. Slattery and seconded by Mr. Tremblay that the Council appoint Amanda Magee the full time fifth voting member, and the sequence of the alternates are Mr. Chambers #1, Mr. Vanover #2, Ms. Scott #3.

ROLL CALL: Ms. DiBello – no Mr. Gentz – yes Mr. Slattery – yes Mr. Tremblay – yes Ms. Andersen – yes

The motion carried.