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Thursday, January 16, 2014

"You say you want a Revolution...."

Right-Wing Conspiracy Nut Plans To Take Back The Country In May

By Rika Christensen, Addicting Info

Dr. Garrow Calls For "American Spring" Uprising Against Obama
Dr. Garrow is working on organizing an uprising against
Obama that he calls “Operation American
Spring.” Supposedly, 30 million people will show up.
Conspiracy theorist Jim Garrow is calling for an uprising against President Obama. He discussed his ideas in detail with Pete Santilli on the January 3 episode of The Pete Santilli Show. Dr. Garrow is calling the movement “Operation American Spring,” and he believes 30 million people are planning to show up. These people will go to Washington to demand that Obama leave the White House, and to overthrow him with any means possible if he doesn’t.

Dr. Garrow is sounding the same cries other right-wing conspiracy theorists who are calling for overthrowing the government. “Operation American Spring” is supposed to follow the example of the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt. Dr. Garrow says “Operation American Spring” is necessary because Obama is killing people.

Dr. Garrow is just another ultra-right-wing conspiracy theorist, with little real credibility.

Dr. Garrow isn’t the most credible person out there, though. Less than a week before, he claimed that Obama was going after him. The accusation on his Facebook page sounds like a badly written murder attempt in a cheesy mystery novel. He was heading out to lunch with someone who allegedly wanted his help in assassinating Obama, and this happened:

“I didn’t make it as the transmission and drives to the wheels went wonky, making weird noises and just not working properly. I ended up limping back home and changing cars. A quick look showed me that the lines for the fluids had been severed just enough to get me driving with the hope of someone that I would be ‘inconvenienced’ in some manner by the locking up of the transmission or the drives to the wheels in some way.”

He “limped home,” where he got into a different car and left again. The car in question is supposedly being examined by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

He’s also claimed that Obama’s litmus test for military commanders is whether they’ll fire on American citizens. In an interview with known conspiracy theorist and truther, Gary Franchi, Dr. Garrow said that he definitely had a source for this information, but would not reveal who it was. The source is allegedly a U.S. military “legend.” This source allegedly said that if they won’t shoot American citizens, Obama’s removing them from their positions.

On the subject of Obama’s birth certificate (yes, Dr. Garrow is a birther, too), he said, “We know there’s no record there at Kapiolani Hospital.” He’s apparently the only person from the intelligence community who’s spoken up. If he’s even from the U.S. intelligence community.

His more outlandish claims include Obama striking a deal with Iran about nukes as a way to distract from his own plans to nuke American cities. Dr. Garrow also said that Obama would try to boost his approval rankings with the claim that scientists had communicated with aliens. Not undocumented immigrants, but actual, extraterrestrial beings.

Dr. Garrow thinks that just 3 percent of the population can take control of the country, but for whom?

But the scariest thing about Dr. Garrow is this claim, that he made when discussing “Operation American Spring” on Santilli’s show: “All we need is three percent of the population to rise up now and we can control the country.”

Really? Three percent and “we” can control the country? Exactly who is “we?” And why should we, the American population, listen to someone who doesn’t sound like he’s fighting for American freedom, but rather someone who wants to be the despot king he seems to believe Obama is?

Three percent is roughly 9.4 million people. It’ll be surprising if even 100,000 people show up to this “uprising.” These marches, protests and uprisings that these ultra-right-wing conspiracy nuts claim will have huge numbers fall short every time. Dr. Garrow’s cries for “Operation American Spring” might sound optimistic, but we’ll find out on May 16 just how successful it is.

Author: Rika Christensen. Rika Christensen is an experienced writer and loves debating politics. Engage with her and see more of her work by following her on Facebook and Twitter, and check out her blog, They Need To Go.