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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Obama Derangement Syndrome & Pot

The Right Is About To Declare War On Marijuana

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Marijuana legalization is about to become a major talking point on the right. Specifically, they’re going to be 100% against it. Why? Because Obama is “for” it.

There’s a joke on the left that if Obama came out in favor of breathing air, conservatives would smother themselves.

We found out that this wasn’t much of an exaggeration when First Lady Michelle Obama asked Americans to drink an extra glass of water a day and the right exploded in outrage. Mind you, she didn’t say “don’t drink other stuff.” She only said to drink an extra glass of water. So the right literally came out against drinking water.

We on the left call this “Obama Derangement Syndrome.” It’s a hatred of Obama and his family that is so absolute, conservatives will oppose anything they do, even if they agreed with it beforehand.

Obama kind of sort of support marijuana? WE HATE IT NOW!

Now that Obama has stated that marijuana is no worse than alcohol, we have the perfect test to prove ODS. Up until now, marijuana legalization has been a bipartisan issue. The right wing opposes the War on Drugs because it’s a HUGE waste of money and hasn’t worked. 

The libertarian right wing wants marijuana to be legal because they don’t like the idea of the evil government telling them they can’t get high. The left wing opposes keeping marijuana illegal for the same reasons as well as the blatantly racist way the law is enforced. Somehow, despite blacks and whites consuming marijuana at the same rate, blacks are four times more likely to be arrested for it.

But because of the additional social justice angle for liberals, pot legalization is slowly becoming a “liberal” cause. The theory of Obama Derangement Syndrome tells us that the right will reflexively oppose it. They will start to claim that it’s a liberal ploy of some kind and that all good conservatives must oppose it with their dying breath. It really isn’t a “liberal” thing at all but that’s not going to stop the conservative entertainment complex from whipping the right into an anti-marijuana frenzy.

Here’s the video: 

But the real test for ODS will be how the Right reacts to Obama’s small shift to the left on marijuana legalization. The GOP desperately needs the younger libertarian movement to replace the rapidly shrinking “angry old bigot” demographic. But if Obama is for it, how can the right be for it as well?

Everything Obama does is bad for America, after all! If the right holds true to form, they will alienate the stoner right rather than agree with the Dread President Obama. But only time will tell…