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Monday, February 24, 2014

Innovative way to fund a college education

“Pay it back, pay it forward”
By Nicholas Bottai, Special to Progressive Charlestown

Higher education is becoming more important in a world with cutting-edge technology at our fingertips. A High School Diploma no longer carries the same meaning it had when my parents were kids just a generation before.

As an Accounting major at the University of Rhode Island, I know first-hand the struggle many Rhode Island families face when attempting to put their kids through college.

Author Nick Bottai,left, at the Breachway Grill. Next to him, in order,
Rep. Donna Walsh, Breachway owner Craig Marr, Democratic candidate
for Goveror Clay Pell and Charlestown Town Council Vice-President
Paula Anderson
Coming from a large family, we’ve had our share of arguments through the years. The biggest being “COLLEGE.” Where to go, what to study, and CAN we afford it? My family has three kids attending college (University of Rhode Island, Roger Williams University and University of Maine Farmington).

Along with the astronomical costs of college there are also other things that need to be paid such as the house mortgage, three car payments, and the unexpected fail of our septic system just last year.

Although I have two parents working full-time and a dad with a good job, it is still difficult to find any breathing room.

A solution was proposed by House Speaker Gordon D. Fox and co-sponsored by my State Representative Donna Walsh of District 36. This innovative solution to solving the debt issue exempts students from paying tuition for four years and requiring them to receive a job within Rhode Island.

Click here for more detail about this legislation.

This Bill provides a financial cushion to rely on while their kids attend school.

Many people are out there struggling and although it may not be proven it is an attempt to turn the tides of student debt!