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Monday, February 15, 2016

New from the Worm Ladies of Charlestown

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RI Flower Show at the Convention Center February 18-21

The Worm Ladies' worms (red wiggler composting worms) will be in the Kid's Adventure Center.  Details here

2016 RI Women in Agriculture Conference, March 1, 2016

One Workshop During the Day:

Soil Health, Fertility Management for Crop Production & Composting
Moderator   Gary Casabona, State Biologist, NRCS
Andy Radin, Agricultural Extension Agent, URI,
Jim Turenne, Soil Scientist, NRCS, Jeanne Wettlaufer, Earth Care Farm & Nancy Warner, Worm Casting Composting


Compost Conference at Rhode Island College March 10th
  Rhode Island has passed legislation that requires a limited number of food producers to divert the waste from the Central Landfill.  The legislation is for restaurants, colleges and universities, and food wholesaler and distributors that produce 104 tons of organic material annually.  The law could be a boon to the sustainability of local small agriculture by providing quality compost.  But the requirement  only applies if there is a composting or anaerobic digestion facility within 15 miles of the food scrap producer.  Earth Care Farm in Charlestown is currently the only commercial-scale composting site in Rhode Island that takes food scraps. 

Learn how Vermicomposting can be a cost effective solution to the food waste problem!  Email or call Nancy at or401-322-7675

Rhody Worms travel to Charlottesville, VA.

"The vermicomposter is set up and running.  The students were besides themselves with excitement.  Their garden is one of 7 in Charlottesville sponsored by City Schoolyard Garden."  Teacher:  Matt Darring

The Worm Ladies would love to have you  share your activities with us.

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