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Sunday, March 6, 2016

African penguin chicks join Mystic Aquarium flocks

Watch Chicks Live WebCam 

Mystic, CT: Mystic Aquarium is proud to announce the addition of two chicks to their African penguin colony. 

It was a joyous holiday at Mystic Aquarium with the hatching of the chicks on December 27 and 29, 2015. The “holiday” chicks are offspring of Green/Green (mother) and Green/Red (father). These African penguin hatchlings are critically important.

The African penguin, while one of the most popular species at Mystic Aquarium, is also at the highest risk of extinction in the animal kingdom. 

The wild population of African penguins has declined by 70% over the past 10 years. 

Intending to make a difference in this devastating trend, Mystic Aquarium became a founding member of the African Penguin Species Survival Plan (SSP) in 1995. 

This breeding program ensures the long term survival of African penguins in zoos and aquariums.

To share the good news, Mystic Aquarium invites people from around the globe to tune in to the live African penguin webcam at under Fun and Learning (  

The live webcam will provide the unique opportunity to witness the chicks’ fascinating developmental process.

In the coming months, once the chicks are fully fledged (their soft down replaced with juvenile plumage), the public will be invited to experience the penguin’s “first swim”.  

The chicks will be named and their gender will be determined by a DNA test at approximately six months of age.