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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump plan allows insurance companies to again discriminate against patients with pre-existing conditions

For the longest time, Donald Trump has been advocating for the complete and utter repeal of Obamacare – yet through all his talking he hasn’t released a plan of his own – that is until now. 

On March 2, The Donald laid out a seven-point plan, which is so lacking in detail and void of specifics that a high school student could fit the entire thing on one page, double spaced even.

So – what’s the first thing he wants to do? By getting rid of Obamacare altogether, as he says, Trump will allow insurers to discriminate once again against people with pre-existing conditions, giving insurers the option not to provide coverage as they see fit, along with all the other protections Obamacare provides. 

For a full list of those shelters, visit HERE

Trump has said in the past that he would replace the pre-existing condition rule with something else, something “much greater” but he must have forgotten about that promise because he didn’t offer any alternatives, not in this one-page plan.

While Obamacare may seem complicated to some, getting rid of common sense provisions like this should alarm every American. And, Trump isn’t alone on this. Paul Ryan, the new Speaker of The House, was forced to admit that popular rules like this (even among Republican voters) would end up going away along with Obamacare.

So – that’s number one – gut anything and everything, even if it makes sense – just because it’s something Obama came up with. Got it.

What else is in there?

Trump wants to allow insurers to compete across state lines. You might remember this if you watched the debate last week, where Rubio got the applause of the night for making fun of Trump about it. 

This was before Trump made his entire plan available, and the only thing he could think of was this aspect of it. “Get rid of the state lines,” you could hear him say, over and over.

It’s possible this is the only real part of Donald Trump’s plan that he cares about. After all, this was the only part he could remember when called out on the debate stage in front of everyone.
The other remaining 5 points of Trump’s plan, are as follows:
  1. Allow individuals to deduct health insurance premiums on their tax returns.
  2. Allow people to use Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) that are tax-free and able to accumulate over time.
  3. Make doctors, hospitals, and clinics become more price transparent.
  4. Provide block-grant Medicaid to the states.
  5. Allow prescription drugs to be imported from other countries.
Healthcare reform is much more complicated than this, however. This seven-point plan doesn’t tell us much. All it really says is what Republican voters want to hear.

And – here’s another doozy. He made a statement trying to link his strict immigration policies as being one factor in limiting the cost of health insurance for illegal immigrants, but what he really did was admit that illegal immigrants only cause a tiny fraction of the total cost of healthcare. 

Donald Trump says illegal immigrants cost the U.S. $11 billion annually, but total health care spending in the U.S is around $2.9 trillion. That’s not even a drop in the bucket. This is just further proof, straight from the source, that illegals aren’t driving up the cost of healthcare like Republicans claim.

It’s possible that the real reason Trump’s plan is so short is because he’s perfectly happy with insurance companies filling in the small details instead of the government. We’ve already been there and done that. It didn’t work for the majority of Americans before, and it won’t now, either.