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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cool Rumsey makes comeback bid official

Cathie Cool Rumsey Announces her Candidacy for State Senate, District 34 

Catherine Cool Rumsey has announced her intent to win back the Senate District 34  seat she held in 2013-2014. “There is still more work to be done to turn our state around and I am respectfully asking voters to send me back to the state Senate so I can continue that work.” 

Senate District 34 which includes most of Charlestown north of Route One.

She noted that her business management experience enables her to focus on the priorities and solutions needed to ensure our state departments and agencies provide better accountability for taxpayers. 

She has also pledged to continue to be a strong advocate for rebuilding Rhode Island’s economy, supporting families and protecting the environment.

During her freshman term, Cathie served on the Health and Human Services Committee and the Environment and Agriculture Committee. She was the Senate Chair of the Behavioral Health and Firearms Safety Task Force, the Senate task force on the Department of Children Youth and Families and the Family Care Networks and Vice-Chaired the joint Permanent Child Care Commission. 

She sponsored and co-sponsored numerous bills that were enacted into law. Among them:
  • The “Rhode to Work” action plan to equip Rhode Islanders with the skills they need to succeed in the jobs of today and tomorrow.
  • A bill that helped low-wage parents seeking decent jobs through job training and Work Readiness programs with better child care assistance.
  • Landmark health care cost control legislation to curb rate hikes, ensure quality, and improve access. 

“My record shows I took the job of state Senator very seriously. I worked hard for the benefit of all the citizens of my District and the state. I sponsored bills that became law and helped hard-working families and vulnerable children as well as bills that improved the economy, health care system and the environment. Not only was it an honor and a privilege to represent the district, I enjoyed rolling up my sleeves, diving into learning the issues and working with advocates to find solutions. 

Unfortunately there are few ‘quick’ fixes for the many issues facing Rhode Island but I know that although the problems Rhode Island faces may be difficult and challenging to solve – they are still solvable. Making snap judgments or parroting the ‘party line’ on serious, complex issues is not what is best for our district and it does not serve the people of Rhode Island. 

“The Behavioral Health and Firearms Safety Task Force, is a great example of how people with different perspectives can come together, respectfully listen to the concerns of others and find common ground to solve an issue. 

The Task Force was made up of law enforcement, Second Amendment supporters, and mental health advocates and concerned citizens. 

As chair, I ensured that the Task Force analyzed existing law, reviewed the data and came to a consensus on recommendations for laws that made sense for the state of Rhode Island. The legislation our Task Force wrote became law."

It takes serious people to tackle Rhode Island’s serious issues. Cathie Cool Rumsey offers the voters of the 34th Senate District the choice of a proven leader with a record of concrete achievements.

“I would be honored to return to the senate to work hard for District 34 – and I respectfully ask for your support to help me win back the Senate seat in November!”

To learn more about Cathie Cool Rumsey, please visit her website at