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Monday, August 22, 2016

Play-Doh solves everything

All Donald Trump did is unload some play-doh for a photo-op in flood ravaged Louisiana instead of doing anything tangible to help. And he just got shredded for it.

Trump traveled to the state this week in order to boast that he somehow cares about the flood victims because President Obama and Hillary Clinton have yet to make the trip down.

However, that’s only because Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards asked them not to come because first responders are still rescuing people and their arrival would only divert effort and resources away from those who need it.

Trump, however, doesn’t care about anyone but himself so he visited anyway. 

Edwards said that Trump is welcome but he has to volunteer or write a check to help victims.

But Trump barely did anything at all, and he certainly didn’t write a check.

Neva Butkus is a relief worker who has been on the ground in Louisiana working hard to help those in need. And when she found out about Trump’s visit she ripped him a new one on Facebook for exploiting people who are hurting in a desperate attempt to save his imploding campaign.

“Alright, y’all. I need to clear some things up as a BATON ROUGE RESIDENT who “has spent this entire week running donation centers, organizing volunteer efforts, and will be doing demo work on houses all this weekend,” Butkus began.

“Our Governor has explicitly asked Obama to NOT VISIT at this moment because our first responders are STILL saving people’s lives. YES, It has been a week and there is still standing water. 

"Tens of thousands of people are displaced. This is a NIGHTMARE and our governor does not want to shut down interstates that are BRINGING IN SUPPLIES just to escort our President into the city.”

Butkus pointed out that Donald Trump visited a Republican part of the state so that it would look like he is welcome there in the midst of the natural disaster going on. “He is exploiting an opportunity to look as if he is welcomed during a tragedy,” she said.

“Our Governor literally told him,” she continued, “that Trump is welcome in our state but if he’s coming he better be volunteering or writing a sizable check to assist with recovery. A 60 second video of him unloading play-doh from a truck does not count.”

Indeed, one would think he would at least get a photo-op of himself unloading food or water or something. That’s a Trump fail on a spectacular level.

And then Butkus really lit Trump up.
“Trump. Seriously. Where is the check? Like where is the fucking check. My people are drowning. My co-workers and family and friends have lost everything. My friends and co-workers that haven’t lost everything are taking off work (my boyfriend is taking PTO) to clean out people’s homes and rip out sheet rock and carpet. Give us money or GTFO. I don’t want to see you in your suit in AUGUST carrying boxes off a truck like you care about us. Louisiana is an incredible place. Baton Rouge is my home and I have watched people drop EVERYTHING to help one another during this time. The whole country seems to be floored by the generosity and love that our residents show each other during tough times, but to us this is normal. This is Louisiana. And you do not belong here.”
Donald Trump should be ashamed of himself for exploiting a tragedy to make himself look good.
And Republicans should be embarrassed for letting him.

President Obama’s presence in Louisiana would not have done anything to help those in need of assistance.

And in the end, Donald Trump’s presence did nothing except distract from the rescue and recovery effort that should have been the focus.

But as usual, Trump only cares about himself.