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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Reince Priebus to the rescue?

An Open Letter To Reince Priebus 
By Ann Werner 

reince-priebus-confederateWe keep hearing that you guys are a bit upset every time Donald Trump opens his mouth and belches out yet another slur against – oh, take your pick – women, Muslims, a judge with the wrong ancestry, Mexicans (and face it, the Trumpster means all Hispanics because he is unable to differentiate), war heroes (living and dead), Gold Star families, disabled people. 

You wring your hands and shake your heads and say “Oh my goodness! That’s not what the Republican Party stands for!” 

Then you turn around and endorse that jackass for president. 

Maybe it’s just me, but doing that really calls into question what exactly it is that you do stand for.

Reince, on August 12 in Erie, Pennsylvania you went on stage to promote that sad excuse for a human being and said, “Don’t believe the garbage you read. Donald Trump, the Republican Party, all of you – we’re going to put him in the White House and save this country together!”

I’ve got a hot newsflash for you. Nobody has to “believe the garbage you read” because we’ve got video. Lots of it. Tons of it. 

There’s video of Donald Trump encouraging people at his rallies to beat up protestors with the promise that he’ll pay their legal bills for committing assault. 

How about that lovely display of mocking a disabled reporter? That was a real knee slapper. 

Or his egregious conduct regarding a family who has lost their son in Afghanistan – but hey, they were Muslim, so I guess that’s okay by you. 

Or his latest thinly veiled suggestion that some Neanderthal packing heat might be able to take care of the Hillary problem. And you just CANNOT understand why he’s slipping in the polls.

So everyone is talking about a “come to Jesus” moment and an emergency meeting to discuss the problem of The Donald. I think an article in Red State summed it up nicely:
One feels like this meeting is just the RNC going through the motions so they can’t be blamed when Trump gets beaten like a rented mule in November.”
Here’s the problem. Donald Trump is an uninformed megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur and he is NEVER going to win this election. 

Why? Because that base you are pandering to is tiny. He’s been polling about the same among Republican voters ever since he dispatched the 16 contenders he was up against. 

What does that say? I mean, if he is so great, why haven’t his numbers within his own party grown? Why did not one former Republican president attend the fear mongering hate-fest that was the Republican National Convention? 

When you’ve got to stoop to Chachi for a speaker, you know you are on your way out.

Face it Reince – and the rest of you cowards (I’m talking to you, Paul Ryan) – you have let that elephant stomp all over you and now you are reaping that whirlwind. There was once a time when Republicans had at least a modicum of class; a time when they were actually concerned about the people of this country, and although they and the Democrats differed on issues, they were able to compromise. Now compromise is a dirty word, so you go out there in front of your constituents and embrace a fascist in the hope that it will win or keep a seat here or there.

The sad truth is the Republican Party is going to suffer because of Donald Trump, and it’s all your fault for letting it happen. 

It’s all your fault for being so damned obstinate during the entirety of the Obama presidency and trying to pin the mistakes (and that’s a VERY kind way of putting it) of the Bush-Cheney administration on the guy who has been cleaning up their mess since taking office in January 2009. 

It’s all your fault for remaining silent during the whole birther thing. It’s all your fault for allowing things to get so out of hand that now you can’t control the monster you created.

Now that I’ve stated the obvious, I’m going to do something I never thought I’d do. I’m going to give you some heartfelt advice. 

You guys need to grow a spine. Each and every one of you. You’ve got to stand up and say that Donald Trump is not good for the GOP, he’s not good for the country, he’s not good for the people in it, and he’s not good for the world. 

Then, maybe you will begin to earn back some of the trust you have betrayed by being such simpering, fawning Casper Milquetoasts in the face of a blustering bully. People like people who stand up to bullies. You ought to try it for a change. It might actually feel good.

Ann Werner is the author of thrillers and other things. Visit her at Ann Werner on the Web. Follow Ann Werner on Facebook and Twitter