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Monday, December 26, 2016

Big Surprise: He was lying all along

Mike Luckovich
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It’s no secret that Trump’s “drain the swamp” shtick was just that -B.S.

Since being elected last month, Trump has been naming the dirtiest, swampiest monsters to head his cabinet and Administration.

Bankers, donors, politicians galore are lining up to turn the United States into a fascist regime for the rich and powerful.

Yet, somehow, his voters don’t believe it for a second. They’re still convinced he’s going to drain the swamp, and anyone who says otherwise is just trying to tear him down.

Only New Gingrich, and his all-knowing wisdom, inadvertently has exposed Trump for the fraud he really is. 

Talking to NPR’s ‘Morning Edition,’ the former Speaker (who left in disgrace), told reporters that Donald Trump will no longer be using the “cute” slogan of “drain the swamp” because it’s not going to happen:
I’m told he now just disclaims that. He now says it was cute, but he doesn’t want to use it anymore … [He had] written what I thought was a very cute tweet about ‘the alligators are complaining,’ but somebody wrote back and said they were tired of hearing this stuff.
And just like that, another Trump promise – and one of his biggest – goes down in flames because the elite Republicans (which includes Gingrich) don’t want to hear it anymore.

So that makes Trump either a liar or a turtle-on-a-fencepost. Or both.

Gingrich added that “he’s in a different role now, and maybe he feels that as president, as the next president of the United States, that he should be marginally more dignified than talking about alligators in swamps.”

Not only is he being “more dignified” than the alligators, he’s giving them government positions – like the Treasury Department, the SEC, and even the Transportation Department.

And just like that, Trump drops another thing people trusted him with. Get ready for four years of betrayal, lies, and rolling over for the very establishment he vowed to fight.