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Sunday, December 18, 2016

More ways you to take a stand against Trump

Here’s How You Can Hit Donald Trump Where It Hurts The Most – His Wallet

Image result for boycott trumpMake Donald Trump and his allies pay – literally – for their hateful rhetoric and regressive politics.

Turn your purchasing power into a tool for protest – hitting Donald Trump where it hurts the most – in his wallet – with these two campaigns.

Boycott Trump Phone App

The first method is a new phone app that lets you search over 250 companies and people that are connected to Donald Trump and his wallet.

The app, called “Boycott Trump,” helps people refuse to buy products from Donald Trump and people and companies connected to him.

As the app description notes:
“Search through over 250 companies and people to see they’re directly connected to Trump. Make Trump and his allies pay, literally, for their hateful rhetoric and regressive policies.
“Use consumer action to take a stand for what’s right!
“We all know how Trump Towers and Trump Steaks are connected to Trump, but did you know Nike, MillerCoors, Johnson & Johnson, Gucci, and many other major companies can all be directly linked to him as well? Find out how!”
Created by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump (DCAT), the app empowers people to “take action against Trump by turning their purchasing power into a tool for protest,” according to Nate Lerner, the executive director of DCAT.

“This hits Trump and his allies where it hurts them most – their wallets,” Lerner said in a press release, adding that the app comes “just in time” for the “holiday shopping craze.”

The Always Up-To-Date #GrabYourWallet Boycott Trump List

As Mindy Fischer reported, “marketing consultant named Shannon Coulter started this boycott during the end of Trump’s campaign using the hashtag #GrabYourWallet.”

The campaign currently lists 37 companies to boycott that are directly connected to Donald and/or Ivanka Trump and 12 companies supporting Donald Trump or who endorsed his campaign to consider boycotting. Inclusive in that latter list is People Magazine who came under fire directly after the election for normalizing the Trumps.

Jezebel, the online magazine focused on celebrities, feminism and issues relating to women’s empowerment, blasted People Magazine for their celebratory Trump edition, promising to call out any other entertainment magazines attempting to normalize the Trumps.

“Here is a promise, Jezebel wrote, “every time a women’s or entertainment magazine does this—tries to normalize the Trumps, tries to make them into a fuzzy human interest story, tries to pretend this isn’t a nightmare and a disgrace—we’re going to call you on it. Everyone sees what you’re doing, People, and history will not forgive you for it.”

Samuel Warde is a writer, social and political activist, and all-around troublemaker