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Monday, May 14, 2018

Boycott Channel 10 campaign focuses on advertisers

Turn Off 10 continues to target station advertisers over Sinclair propaganda

Nick Cardi, the "NI" in "NIROPE," meets with protest leader Dr.
Patricia Ricci
Turn Off 10, a campaign coordinated by the Rhode Island Kent County ReSisters to protest Sinclair Broadcast Group‘s continuing use of local NBC affiliate Channel 10/WJAR as Trump propaganda originally planned this month’s protest to take place outside Tasca Automotive Group in Cranston on Saturday. 

The plan is to protest outside the businesses that advertise on the station, since Sinclair has not responded to the complaints of viewers. 

However, when the group learned that Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses at 1681 Quaker Lane in West Warwick was teaming with WJAR/10 for a Shred-It event, the opportunity was seen as too good to pass up.

A second event was added to Saturday: A 9am protest outside Cardi’s. The rain kept attendance down. 

Previous Turn Off 10 events brought out over 30 people, this one brought out 12 dedicated protesters. 

In response to the protest, people representing both WJAR and Cardi’s were gracious. 

A representative from WJAR offered hot coffee to the protesters and Nick Cardi introduced himself to everyone holding signs, offering the use of the bathrooms inside the furniture store, if needed.

Nick Cardi told Dr Patricia Ricci, who heads up these protests, that he and his brothers are not happy with the propaganda being broadcast on WJAR, and that they are continuing to talk to the station about the situation. 

Unfortunately, as RI Future reported last month, Cardi’s does have a contract with the station that prevents them from pulling out.

During the protest at Cardi’s, some of the group headed to Speedcraft Nissan, which is a short walk from Cardi’s and another advertiser on WJAR/10.

After representatives from WJAR/10 ended the Shred-It event, the protesters reconvened at noon outside Tasca Automotive Group in Cranston, yet another advertiser. The management of Tasca made no attempt to engage with the protesters, and had armed security parked in the lot.

The Rhode Island Kent County ReSisters say that, “Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns Channel 10, is forcing anchors to surrender their journalistic integrity, read forced scripts, and air commentaries as though they were hard news. 

"We believe in the integrity of the free press and stand adamantly against forced propaganda which imminently threatens our very democracy! Rise Up and join us for this protest. Bring your large signs and all of your principled friends!”

There will be future protests targeting other WJAR/10 advertisers.