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Friday, June 29, 2018

At the Mystic Aquarium

This Saturday is National Social Media Day!

To celebrate, we wanted to highlight our most popular social channels and share with you the best way to discover all things Mystic Aquarium, right in the palm of your hand! 

As you share your summer adventures on Instagram Stories, like your best friends post on Facebook, retweet a great quote on Twitter or watch countless hours of videos on YouTube, know that your friends at Mystic Aquarium are living - and sharing - the Aquarium "social" life as well.
Tail us on social media then discover how you can make the most of Mystic Aquarium's various channels with these mobile tips:

Our Facebook page has it all, so make sure you sea it all! You'll want to Like and Follow Mystic Aquarium. Click the Follow button again to adjust your notification settings.

Twitter is great for quick Aquarium updates on-the-go. In the app, simply tap the bell icon to receive notifications on all of the Aquarium's Tweets.

Subscribe to Mystic Aquarium's YouTube channel to dive deeper into exclusive videos of our exhibits and animals as well as our endeavors in conservation, education, research and more.

After following us on our Instagram page, tap the three dots in the top right corner and select the last two options, which will notify you when we have a new post or story.

Our Pinterest page is loaded with ideas for 'sea snacks,' aquatic crafts, wellness tips and more. Follow our page then edit your settings by tapping the hexagon icon in the top right corner.



This fish may be as tiny as a teacup, but its vibrant colors and patterns really pack a visual punch! Among the most commonly spotted fish on reefs throughout the world, the butterflyfish have a wide variety of colors and patterns. Many species, including those found at the Aquarium, have bands across their eyes and dark spots near their tails. This helps to confuse potential predators since they won't know what to target or where the fish is going.
With such beautiful colors, the butterflyfish is perfect for your next Instagram Story - don't forget to tag us @MysticAquarium!

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A message from our friends at The Mystic Hilton

Join The Mystic Hilton as they kick off their Summer Concert Series with Sugar on June 29 and rock through the Summer with free concerts featuring Will Evans, Wicked Peach, Northern Sharks and more before concluding with Another Tequila Sunrise August 31. Click here for a complete schedule from The IRONS.