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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Less guns equals less gun violence

How about we require the NRA to build their headquarters with no entrances or exits? 
By Helen Philpot from Margaret and Helen

Margaret and Helen blog photoMargaret, I grew up on a farm in Georgia. We had more guns than silverware. To this day, I still have a gun in my house.

By all means, if it helps to keep children from being murdered, come and take it. Unlike that [NRA spokesperson] Dana Loesch, I don’t need it that badly. 

Bless her heart, when you spew that much hate, I guess you go through life thinking everyone wants to do you harm.

She really should try adding a little color to her wardrobe. And maybe smile more… or at least once.

We’ve talked about it long enough. We need to do something about America’s gun problem. But if we leave it up to those asshats at the Capitol, we’ll be building schools with one door where students are allowed to wear only a leotard while carrying their books in a clear ziplock baggie.

Making it all about a mental health crisis sounds reasonable… until you realize that mental health isn’t exclusive to the United States and statistically speaking doesn’t correspond with our proportionally higher rate of gun violence nor does it specifically apply on a case by case basis.

Ouch. That hurt my head a little bit to think through. Maybe that’s why NRA Neanderthals settle for low hanging fruit like too many doors and trench coats.

Regardless, we shouldn’t need a school shooting to realize that mental healthcare should be as easy to access as your Twitter account, and likewise it should be affordable or even free.

I think parents who don’t have the good sense to lock away their guns might be a good test sample group to start with, because that level of ignorance and irresponsibility has got to be some sort of mental issue.

And then there’s video games and violent movies. Now don’t get me started. I too think my grandchildren need to put away the electronics and get outside more. That kind of life only leads to fat backsides and skinny thumbs.

But again, unlike little Dana Loesch and the NRA, violent images in games and in movies are not exclusive to America.

Speaking of Nuts R Allowed… Oliver North? Is that a joke or was Wayne LaPierre not generating idiotic ideas fast enough?

A culture of violence,” says the guy who sold guns to Iran in order to give money to people who tortured civilians and raped women including nuns and children. Yep. That guy. How about we require the NRA to build their headquarters with no entrances or exits?

You know what IS exclusive to the United States of America? The NRA, 42% of civilian guns, and an orange yeast infection wearing a MAGA hat.

Folks, it’s really not that difficult. Less guns equals less gun violence.

And I call bullshit on anyone who claims differently.

Facts are facts. Trench coats, video games, violent movies, social media, mental health and even doors exist beyond our borders. But a mass school shooting once a month has become as American as baseball and apple pie.

If you love your children, vote out any politician who takes money from the NRA. And start with Ted Cruz. Never Again must become more than just a hashtag. I mean it. Really