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Friday, August 10, 2018

At the Mystic Aquarium

All hands on deck (or in the water!)

At Mystic Aquarium, we're all about getting you up close, in touch and hands on with the ocean planet. You may be familiar with our popular touch exhibits:
  • Shark Encounters, where you can feel the smooth back of a bamboo shark;
  • Ray Touch, where you not only greet stingrays with your hand but can feed them too;
  • Discover Long Island Sound, where you can splash around a huge water table and dip your fingers in touch pools with species native to the Sound.
But did you know there are many other great ways to keep little (and big) hands busy and engaged all while sneaking in some fun facts?

Interactive Field Guide

Located on the Mezzanine as you head to our California Sea Lion Show, you can tap through an impressive collection of birds to discover all sorts of different species.

Dry Water Adventures

Looking for a way to get rid of some extra pocket change? Visit our Safe Boating exhibit outside by the Animal Rescue Clinic! Step up to the steer, drop in your token and drive a mini yacht from dry land.

Animal Doppelganger

Discover the Weird & Wonderful version of you with this interactive photo op spot. After the camera captures your photo, watch as you transform into an octopus, paddlefish or even a crab.



Stand by this exhibit in our Main Gallery on any given day and you'll encounter at least one reference to the popular kid's movie, Finding Nemo. True to life, the movie shows Nemo and his dad Marlin taking up residence in an anemone; exaggerated reality, clownfish rarely stray more than a few yards from their anemone host, let alone oceans away! This is due to their symbiotic relationship that provides clownfish with a safe retreat from predators and the anemone with a "guard dog" that drives away intruders and a "house keeper" that preens its host.
A 360-Degree View inside our Clownfish Exhibit

Click image above to dive in to Mystic Aquarium's clownfish exhibit.

Interact with the Aquarium's clownfish through the 360° video above to discover this amazing relationship all while exploring the clownfish's habitat.

Tourism is the third largest retail business in the U.S. behind car dealers and grocery stores, meaning its impact, both direct and indirect, has a huge impact on the health of our planet.
Consider implementing these three simple steps when planning your next vacation:
  • Use the same hotel linens and towels throughout your stay.
  • Travel in groups by taking a taxi, carpooling or even hopping on a bus.
  • Interestingly enough, packing light can help reduce fuel usage, which decreases your carbon footprint.

A message from our friends at The Mystic Hilton

The Mystic Hilton Summer Concert Series rolls on with Majestic Fuzz on August 10 and Greg Sherrod August 17. Bring a blanket, bring chairs, bring the family and join us for free music in the heart of Mystic every Friday in August. Food and drinks are available for purchase. Click here for a complete schedule from The IRONS.