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Friday, June 14, 2019

Dr. Bruce Gouin's garden on this year's Master Gardener tour

Visit 25 Private and Esteemed Gardens

Each year the Master Gardener’s Program selects unique Rhode Island gardens to showcase for anyone with a passion for gardening. Each garden is curated and maintained by a URI Master Gardener, and our very own Dr. Bruce Gouin’s garden is featured in this year’s tour. If you have an interest in seeing these breathtaking gardens along with his personal home garden, please visit the URI website below for tickets.

Information About Tickets:
Register online ​to ​receive ​a ​tour ​guidebook ​by ​mail, ​which ​serves ​as ​your ​two-day ​admission ​ticket ​on ​Saturday, ​June ​29 ​and ​Sunday, ​June ​30, ​2019. ​Please ​note ​that ​a ​guidebook ​is ​required ​for ​admission ​to ​the ​tour ​gardens, ​without ​exception. ​Guidebooks ​can ​be ​purchased ​for ​$25 ​each, ​or ​in ​multiples ​of ​2 ​for ​$22 ​each ​online.

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