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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Did anyone else realize we are building a wall in Colorado?

Old Mexicans. New Mexicans. @realDonaldTrump hates all Mexicans. #ColoradoWall
By Helen Philpot in Margaret and Helen’s blog

No photo description available.Margaret, nobody is perfect. Lord knows I’ve been known to have a mental lapse every now and then. 

Like when I thought Tulsi Gabbard might have some good ideas to add to the debates. She didn’t and that’s ok. I’m a big enough person to admit when I’m wrong.

Having that capacity – that strength – to admit your mistakes, learn from them, grow from them, and then move on – well that’s actually a sign of good character.

Which is exactly the reason why I can say without a doubt that Donald J. Drumpf, the 45th (gulp) President of these United States must have a really, really, really tiny penis.

Now hear me out…

Donald told a crowd of idiots that he was building a wall in New Mexico. He isn’t, but that’s not the point of this story. And for those of you who are upset that I just arbitrarily called the entire crowd idiots, just hang in there. I’ll make my case.

Trump told the room full of morons – I mean idiots – that he was building a wall in New Mexico. And then he added that he was building a wall in Colorado. And then in Texas…

Wait. What? Colorado? He’s building a wall in Colorado? Yep. That’s what he said. And apparently it’s “a big one that really works.” He then joked about not building one in Kansas.

And thank goodness about that because Oklahoma already feels insecure enough. Being cut off from Trump’s United States would just be rubbing salt in those Sooner wounds.

But about that wall in Colorado…

Why Colorado? Does Trump think that Colorado is a border state? Or does he really just hate ALL Mexicans? Old Mexicans. New Mexicans.

You know, all those brown people illegally immigrating from Santa Fe and Albuquerque and places farther south. The rapists and the drug dealers with their turquoise jewelry and Hatch green chilis. Or maybe Trump just isn’t very smart.

And speaking of not very smart… Remember the room full of idiots? At the mention of a wall in Colorado they all leapt to their feet and applauded.

Hot damnTrump is gonna build that there wall in Colorado. A big one that really works. That’ll keep out those… those Mex… those New Mex… those (how do you spell that sound a trombone makes?)

Calling them idiots is a compliment. It was mostly a room full of white men with straight lines for family trees. Dear lord let’s hope they all have slow swimming sperm so the tree trunk can just stop right there with that last red baseball cap. If your family tree has no branches, that red hat comes in handy due to the lack of shade.

Now it’s bad enough that Trump can’t place Colorado on a map. And like I said, nobody is perfect. But this guy, this stable genius can’t admit when he’s wrong. Ever. EVER!

few hours later, the asshat tweets out an explanation that he was just kidding about building a wall in Colorado just like he was kidding about not building a wall in Kansas. He was (and I quote) “referring to the people in the very packed auditorium from Colorado and Kansas, getting the benefit of the border wall.”

What. The. F…

He couldn’t just admit that he was wrong. He couldn’t just say that he had made a mistake.
Did I mention that he was giving this speech in this packed auditorium full of people from Colorado and Kansas… did I mention it was in Pennsylvania

Now to his credit it was Pittsburgh which is on the far western side of PennsylvaniaThat’s only a mere 1,400 miles from Denver and a quick 900 miles from Topeka. 

All those folks from Colorado and Kansas probably commute daily. Whenever politicians want to score points in Pittsburgh they make it a point to throw red meat to the hordes of voters from Colorado and Kansas. Really. It’s a thing.

If you can’t ever admit when you are wrong, why in the hell should we ever believe you when you insist you are right? I think just maybe it’s because you are almost never right. And I doubt you give a shit.

Bless his heart. The problem with Donald J. Trump isn’t just that he’s an idiot. The problem with Donald J. Trump is that he’s an idiot who also lacks character.

And still worse, he’s the most insecure person I’ve ever known. All those stories about how he’s the greatest this and the only that and the perfect phone calls. What the hell is a perfect phone call? Did Ukraine accept the charges? Did it end with an “I love you?”

No, Mr. Trump you are not the only President in history to donate his salary. Hoover and Kennedy did.

No, Mr. Trump you haven’t been treated worse than any other President ever. Four sitting Presidents have been assassinated while in office.

No, Mr. Trump your crowds aren’t the biggest ever. Your words aren’t the best ever. Your phone call wasn’t perfect. And your hotels aren’t the best locations for G-7 summits.

Just stop being a total piece of shit and admit when you are wrong. Is that so hard?

Are you really that insecure? My god, just how small must your penis be? I mean how serious a problem can we be dealing with here? Can someone help me out? Ivana? Marla? Melania? Stormy? Ivanka? Russian Hooker #4? How bad is it?

And to the entire GOP – is this really the ship you want to go down withThis guy?

The guy so insecure he flipped off the female astronautwho politely corrected his incorrect statement about females who have walked in space? That’s your guy? 

The guy with the bad comb over and the cheap suits made in China? The guy who just brought our soldiers home from Syria by selling them to Saudi Arabia?

The guy who last year said the Kurds were our friends and is now abandoning them because they didn’t help us in World War II?

You don’t follow that guy. You impeach that guy.

And for the record, the various congressional committees that have been investigating a possible impeachment have members from BOTH parties.

The Republicans have NOT been shut out of the process. Sure Matt Gaetz has been shut out, but that‘s only because he sits on the Asshats With DUI’s Committee which isn’t a part of the impeachment inquiry.

That little third grade stunt yesterday where GOP congressmen stormed a closed hearing room was just that- a stunt.

And it was the worst display of poor statesmanship since Joe Wilson yelled “You Lie” at Obama during a joint address to congress. Grow the hell up. You are supposed to be the nation’s leaders.

If this is the best the Republican Party has to offerthen maybe Tulsi Gabbard should come out as a Republican. How hard could it be to shine in that chandelier of dimwits?

And if you are a Democrat, I am begging you. No matter who gets the nomination. We all get our asses out to the voting booth and vote blue no matter who. Even you Tulsites. There will be no Jill Stein mistakes this year. Because America can’t take another four years of this shithead. I mean it