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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Unhealthy ozone levels, high pollen count in South County today

Air quality alert for today

Henri damage keeps Burlingame closed

By Will Collette

Our air is unhealthy today due to the heat and vehicle emissions. The forecast for tomorrow is for "moderate" pollution, which could also change to unhealthy as the heat continues.

Here is the forecast from DEM:  

We also have a very high level of pollen in the air, mostly from grasses and ragweed:

Here's the forecast from

Fortunately, just about all of us except the covidiots have face masks that should do fine in screening out the pollen and pollution. 

The pollen is a normal, seasonal part of our "rural character;" the ozone pollution is also part of summertime heat, sunshine and heavier travel from visitors. 


DEM reports: "
Due #TropicalStormHenri, Burlingame State Campground in Charlestown is closed until at least Tuesday, 8/31. Refunds are being processed for canceled reservations. Updates posted at or campers w/questions call 401-409-1138 or RI Parks HQ at 401-667-6200'