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Monday, October 10, 2022

Less than a month to go


We are headed into the last 4 weeks of this campaign. We've been reaching out to people for 6 months, but we know that this is the time when many people first start tuning in. My team has a simple ask below for you to help us in these last critical weeks.

One simple thing you can do to help Tina win?


We are knocking on doors, sending mail, making phone calls and participating in community events. In these last weeks of the campaign we are doubling down on social media posts that introduce Tina's long history in our community, her accomplishments state-wide and her stand on the issues.

 Word of mouth is one of the most powerful
forces in a campaign.
Your voice matters to your friends and neighbors.

Take a minute to share your support for Tina. Here are two easy options:

Write a personal email send it to everyone you know in District 36. Tell your friends why you support Tina and tell them to go to to learn more.

What do you want your readers to know? Make your text stand out by customizing the font, style and format.


If you want to vote by mail you must apply for a mail ballot each time.


·       To request a mail ballot application online you must do so by October 11 or pick up a paper form at your town hall before October 18.

·       Applications must be turned in to your board of canvassers by October 18.

Learn more about voting by mail here.



This people-powered campaign depends on the enthusiasm of our strong team! Join our fun and talented group to ensure a strong victory on November 8th! Contact Kathleen at or sign up on our web site.

In a grassroots campaign, every contribution matters!