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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bizarre Trump “doctor’s note” explained…sort of

To watch this video on YouTube:

Donald Trump’s doctor didn’t follow standard medical procedure when he proclaimed the Republican nominee to be in good health, according to a newly released video.

Dr. Harold Bornstein, who has reportedly been Trump’s physician for 35 years, confessed that he took only five minutes to write up the assessment of Trump, who he described in the letter as in “excellent” health.

The four-paragraph letter — the only medical information released by Trump — was written and released in December but has drawn fresh scrutiny in recent days as Trump’s allies have questioned Hillary Clinton’s health, despite a more detailed two-page letter from her doctor that said she has no serious issues.

The letter and Trump’s doctor have received renewed scrutiny after the desperate Trump campaign began trafficking in rumor and innuendo about Hillary Clinton’s health.

Campaign surrogate and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani raised eyebrows when he urged voters to Google search “Clinton illness” to pull up conspiracy theories about the former Secretary of State, and Trump himself has been making remarks about Clinton’s “stamina.”

Despite the Trump campaigns allegations, Clinton’s health has been assessed to be good by a real physician citing an actual examination, compared to Trump’s doctor.

Trump’s doctor claims to be board-certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology, but also made comments in his letter attesting to Trump’s mental health – how would he have any insight into that?

The episode, as with issues of race and religion so far in the election, have shown once again that so many of Trump’s attempts to attack Clinton backfire on him due to his odd behavior and the oddity of those he has surrounded himself by.