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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Who wrote Trump’s medical note?

By Gryphen at The Immoral Majority
Courtesy of Newsweek: 

It purports to be a medical letter, but it is one of the most ridiculous documents ever to emerge in any political campaign. First, the letterhead is in the same font as the letter, which appears to have been created using Microsoft Word. The signature from the doctor is several inches past the signature line—the result you might get if the document had been signed as a blank and filled in later. The letterhead includes a Gmail address—something doctors tell me is extremely unusual, since doctors do not want patients contacting them directly by email as a substitute for scheduling an appointment. 

There is also a website listed, but if you follow the URL (, sometimes it takes you to, a blank page that asks if you want to upload an update to a Flash program onto your computer (the domain name,, is still for sale. No, I can’t explain that.) If you decline, it does so anyway and, based on the response of the security system on my computer, the “program” on the doctor’s supposed website is a virus. (Other times it takes you to a generic medical website. No, I can't explain that either.) 

EDITOR'S NOTE: the doctor's purported website now takes you to another virus-loaded site that offers a contest asking people to guess whether Trump will win the election. DO NOT click on anything in that website if you value your computer security.

Unlike the Clinton letter, it does not contain a full medical history for Trump. The letter also has problems with sentence structure and major typographical errors, such as the opening line, “To Whom My Concern.” Most amusing, it says that his medical examination of Trump has “only positive results.”

In medical terms, if the test is positive, it confirms the existence of disease. Is this doctor saying Trump has every medical ailment that could be found in examination? Does he not know the meaning of the word? Or, as I suspect, was the letter written by someone in the Trump campaign?

Oh come on.

Who's going to fake a letter from their doctor?

Okay well you have a point, but there is no precedent for this. Is there?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

So do we think that Donald Trump's doctor's note is a fake?

Or do we think that Trump tested positive for every medical ailment known to man?

Actually judging from the color of his skin, either one could be true.