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Friday, February 5, 2021

RI loosens COVID restrictions despite high number of cases and deaths, low vaccination rates

State decides to put business above public health

By Will Collette

Despite the huge spike we've experienced in Rhode Island and the rest of the country, state officials have decide to ratchet down restrictions even though most Rhode Islanders would agree the state has botched the vaccine roll-out.

Just what we need.

New cases are occurring at the rate of 400-500 a day. The death toll has topped 2,200 with an average of a dozen new deaths every day. Only about 3% of our population has been fully immunized.

So, whoopee! Let's allow more close contact in restaurants, offices, gyms, etc. Let the Super Bowl parties commence.

Gina Raimondo doesn't care - she's outta here very soon (though she'll have to get past Ted Cruz first). And her replacement, Lt. Gov. Dan McKee only cares about small business. I'd expect he could lift ALL restrictions on businesses.

This is not the way to fight a pandemic, people. This is lunacy. 

Also, if you are 75+, here is the latest on vaccination plans: