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Friday, February 19, 2021

Tom Brady should pay back his million dollar "small business" loan

Real small businesses need that money, not sport bazillionaires

Dillon McMahon started this petition to TB12 Tom Brady and 1 other

The TB12 company, owned by Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, received $960,855 in PPP loans that were meant to help small businesses. Tom Brady signed a deal in May worth $50 million. 

With this new contract, when combined with his earnings from his NFL contracts alone, he has made around $260 million over his 21 year career. Tom Brady is also married to Gisele Bunchen, who has a net worth of $400 million. 

I am not here to make the argument saying that Tom Brady does not deserve his NFL money, he earned it, so good for him. 

But by accepting this money, he is playing the government no better than any grifter would play a person on the street. 

My solution for him is that he should pay back this money or AT LEAST donate an equal amount of money to small businesses that would have received this money if his name did not get more attention. 

This is an issue that hits close to home for me as I’ve gone out of my way to help the small businesses near me and have seen so many fall by the wayside because they did not receive the help they needed. 

It is during times like these, the year 2020 as a whole, we see the true nature of people. The side we are seeing from this couple is one of pure greed and being completely out of touch with what the common American is going through at this time. 

Just standing around and lamenting on social media is not going to do anything, we need to band together and voice our concerns with how things are currently being done if we want change. 

Tom Brady needs to do what is right not just by my standards, but by the standards everyone holds; the people who should get help are the people who actually need help. Not the people who want to hoard and look down on others suffering. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: CLICK HERE to check out the crap that Brady sells through his TB12 business.

Here's an example of how PPP should be used: