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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Thank you, David Cicilline

Cicilline Makes Us Proud

By BETH COMERY in Providence Daily dOSE

Well done Representative Cicilline. 

What a fine performance (I was particularly pleased that you mentioned the Capitol janitors and housekeeping crew). 

So now the whole world knows what Rhode Islanders have known for years: David Cicilline is really, really good at this. I once saw him arguing in front the R.I. Supreme Court and he was masterful.

As the Republican congressional caucus continues to enrage all sane Americans, the performance of the House impeachment managers has filled democrats across the country with great pride. 

This prosecutorial dream team has not put one foot wrong. They have presented a rock solid and persuasive case — organized, great use of video — and I suspect that these last few days will inspire a spike in law school applications (for all the right reasons). 

And kudos to lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin for putting the whole thing together under the most trying personal circumstances.

And of course the opposition has countered with the only tool in their box, violent threats. But the Boston Globe reports that the Cicilline family is made of pretty tough stuff and he’s got a lot of protection.

Thank you Representative Cicilline. You made us proud. And grateful.