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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

VIDEO: Light a candle, or fireworks. Whatever

Rush Limbaugh dead, Trump casino imploded

By Will Collette

The commonly observed rule of society is to never speak ill of the dead. However, with a tip of the hat to Donald Trump who trampled on every rule of decency, I have to say that two events today made me smile.

The first was the revelation that hate-spewing talk radio creep Rush Limbaugh died. During Limbaugh's long media career, he worked hard every day to make the world a more terrible place. No lie was too small, no ethnic group was off limits for this awful specimen of mankind. For any of our right-wing readers who are mourning this guy, my most tepid condolences and, please, get a life.

The other encouraging news of the day was the long-awaited demolition of Donald Trump's first casino, the Trump Tower and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. 

Today's event was a fitting tribute to Donald Trump's much heralded business savvy - only Donald Trump could figure out how to go bankrupt running a casino.